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"What do you think about the Christ?"

The answer is written in my heart through Your Holy Word.
You say in the Holy Scripture that You are the Living God.
You are the Beginning and the End, the Alfa and the Omega.
Father You ask if we believe?
Is our soul only given to You?

Lord God, You ask is our faith forever in You and do we trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit for guidance?

Father, You ask do we believe in the Holy Bible and the many lessons of life there in?

Father, You tell us that Scripture is the nourishment for our minds and it is our daily bread for our bodies.

You ask if we have learned the things of this world are meaningless.
You tell us that only You are the great provider.
Lord, You tell us You are the Food for everlasting.

You ask us if we believe that You are our Redeemer, that You have delivered us from the darkness of Satan.

You say, we must declare, we are of Christ, that Christ is our Father, and by faith we must believe You will provide the necessary words spoken to us and through us to make known to us that You are the True and only God of the Universe.

Jesus, I pray You keep our ears and eyes open for Your desired planned propose for our lives.

I pray for the wisdom and discernment to keep our life free of sin.
I pray Father, that in Your ways and in Your time, that all ills would be healed in our relationships with one another.

So that we would walk with You in love, honoring Your Holy Name and thus living for Your Glory!

Our Savior, You lift us from our enemies and lay them under Your footstool and deal with them as You may.

Christ, You are our Sovereign Lord, You are our right hand in time of need.

My God most High, we cannot fathom Your infinite wisdom, but we will learn to trust You by faith and acknowledge You are always near and ready to help us in our times of ignorance.

Father, I pray that we will fall into total submission before You, never doubting Your Truth or The Way. Lord may we live our lifetime trusting and believing that our righteousness is through our faith in Jesus Christ.
Our King, You Sit Enthroned in Honor and Victory before all Your Children.

Our Lord God, we adore and trust everything about You, and now we have no doubts or fears or anger towards one another, because You are Alive in us.

Christ, You gave us far more than we could ever give back to You.
Jesus, You offer to birth in us a brand new life in exchange for Your life, that You sacrificed on the Cross at Calvary.

Our Holy Majesty, You understand our hearts and know our thoughts and know our ways, bend us to please only You and to live an eternity according to Your will.

God, You have provided all we need, for all we need is in You.
You are our Foundation.
You are our Capstone.
You are our Rock.

Jesus Christ my Father in Heaven, You are forever alive, and I pray that Your love will be found in all our hearts and that all will come to the saving knowledge, that You are our Redeemer and the only way to heaven.

We will share and teach Your promises to our family and friends, all the wisdom You have taught us, with praises and delight in admiration to You, Jesus Christ, in hopes that they too will see You, and walk with You, as You do in those who love You.

In prayer, may all we be beautiful in the eyes of our Savior.
Lord may our desire only be to please You, that we would not be concerned by the thoughts of men who are against us, for our reverence is to You.

May we live as servants of Christ Jesus.

Goodness comes from You, our Holy Father. Lord may our faith and hope always be in Christ, so it will never waiver.

We understand we fall short from Your glory, because we have sinned, but by Your great love and compassion and grace, through Your redemption, we can be saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ if we so choose.

Lord may the hearts of Your children be open before Your throne asking for forgiveness from weaknesses and sins.

Christ I ask for the beloved seekers to believe and know You are the Holy One of God.

This is a prayer of worship, praise and thankfulness to Jesus Christ, our One and always First True Love. Amen

Written by: Nicole Brierly 3-11-07

© 2010 Nicole Brierly | WOMEN LIVING FOR JESUS
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